The Analysis about Education in China

Involving to educational industry, and education domain, this is the critical topic for every countries. You may think developed countries care about educational development? Exactly, this is not complete correct thoughts because developing countries and even underdeveloped countries also emphasis on how the education could help them to progress national economy and how the education may solve their poverty and assist them to shake off poverty. By this time let us analyse about educational situation in China. We may know about difference of education between China and other countries; how Chinese Education Department regular their education for junior, senior students; what is the weakness and advantages for the education in China.

Chinese Education

Well, according to the definition of education, it means that Education is the process for progressing personal and group’s learning, or the gain of related skill, knowledge, values, beliefs and proper habits. Certainly, this is simple thing to understand by us. Merely just giving this topic a systematic comprehension since basic definition to what I have to state below so that every reader may know how important education is and why it is. Through the topic today, not only we will know something like news or information from China, but the importance is what we get through this article. Actually Chinese education is a state run system as run by the Ministry of Education in China, meanwhile All Chinese citizens must attend school for basic and at least 9 years, well known about the nine-year compulsory education which is funded through Chinese government. So since a Chinese citizen from to be born till 15 years old, he or she have to experience school-life over 9 years. At the present compulsory education in China includes 6 years of primary school, starting around age 6 to 7, and three years about middle school (junior secondary education), starting it after primary education end and graduation. Certainly, after that, the most of Chinese citizens may choose senior high school education or vocation school education as their wish. As well known innovation is very important to propels nation to develop new products, improving its production’s methods which may drive economic development and ensure states to dispose and solve oversea challenges like world health crises, global climate change and so on. Absolutely, the innovation depending on the education and educational system is paid attention by Chinese government as well. They also strengthen related education development surrounding hardware facilities and software facilities. Yet educational access still remains uneven in China. According to data from The National Bureau of Statistics, the most of students to be born into affluent families having better access to high quality education rather than those about the citizens from lower income is completely showing and contrasting between urban residents and rural citizens because of threefold income from urban residents comparing to rural citizens. Certainly, through many years efforts from Chinese government, as of 2011, China had all but eliminated illiteracy among young and middle-aged citizens – a landmark achievement for a country with the world’s largest population.

China has also become a top destination for oversea students to enroll local Universities so that may help multinational culture exchanging, and introduce more oversea funds through education. Meanwhile, the most of foreigners choose famous Universities in China such as Peking University, Tsinghua University and Fudan, NanKai University and so on. According to data of statistic, as of 2013, China is the most popular country for oversea students in Asia and exactly ranks top 3. Till now, in 2018 China owns the global second highest number of top universities.

Weakness in Chinese Education System

As often, literacy is a baseline of educational access in China. I trust this is same aspect for every countries which emphasis on education. Then high level of literacy serve as the base for enhanced access to related information and also improve personal ability and skill to contribute to society. However comparing to UK or USA education or other education in developed countries, Chinese Students are less practice than foreigner students. We have to admit that they are professional to study and acquire knowledge but before graduation they seldom participate in related major’s practices. Because this is the issue that official education department cased or University educational ways. Certainly, recent years they try to change and during study of students, the most of universities in China offer students enough chances to join in related companies so that gaining more experiences for student’s major. Meanwhile, a lot of junior and senior students may interview related industries ahead of its graduation according to their majors such as heavy industry, Technological industry, It industry and service industry and so on. Sinosources, the biggest B2B platform in China, mainly produce steels and at the present they also build platform to prepare the bridge between suppliers in China and international buyers, around these years they try to recruit more graduated students to giving these student’s training chance as trainees, at the same time these students may contribute to the company along with they gain enough job experiences.

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