Confucian Development In China (II)

Its development and decline

In the pre-Qin period, Confucianism and Mohism were known as eminent learning. During the Qin Shihuang period, he was severely damaged, namely the so-called “burn books and bury the literati in pits”. Up to the Han Dynasty, the basic line of cultural construction of the Han Dynasty was to inherit the orthodoxy of the three generations of Central Plains culture, which was exactly the Confucian Six Classics.square steel tubing prices

Confucianism takes the traditional feudal society as the material undertaker, while the traditional feudal society takes Confucianism as the spiritual undertaker. The collapse of the traditional society results in the loss of Confucius’ Saint human rights authority. When China was bombarded by the strong ships of the western powers, a large-scale anti-Confucian movement began in modern times, which experienced the peasant uprising of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, the 1911 Revolution of the bourgeois reformists and the May 4th New Cultural Movement which reached its climax.

As we all know, since the May 4th Movement was launched, it has suffered the last disaster of the “Cultural Revolution”. This “Confucian-Legalist Struggle” and “Cultural Revolution” campaign, full of strong political purposes, has made Confucian education experience unprecedented doom.



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